Ergonomic Home Office Chairs

Our chairs improve comfort, ergonomics, and happiness in your workplace at home.

All our chairs are equally suited to the home and office environment, guaranteed for 5 years, ergonomic and physiotherapist approved.

We understand that in many home offices there are particular constraints, budget, style, size, multiple users and of course colour! With this in mind we feel these chairs are particularly suitable for you, the home workers.

Please also take a moment to browse all our ranges, and if you have specific needs use our amazing Chair Builder to design a chair just for you. Or call. We are always happy to help.

Thanks to the Internet and the rise of secure cloud systems, many of us now do our jobs at home. In fact, it is now the new normal. Some people thrive in solitude, preferring a quiet, familiar environment to get on with work. For others, the convenience of not having to commute and having a better work-life balance appeals.

If you’re an average user, your desk chair could well be one of the most important objects in your life. Eighty-one per cent of us spend between four and nine hours a day seated at our desks. Our choice of chair will affect our comfort, concentration, and well being during every minute of that time, whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.

Ergonomic Chairs for Home

If you’re working from home you might be working from your kitchen table or sofa. So far, so comfy – but the bad news that curling up on the sofa with your laptop for a day’s work could have a negative impact on your health, productivity, and well being. Research has shown that slouching while you work not only has an impact on your concentration and productivity but can cause headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain and more long term postural and musculoskeletal problems.

Physical strain or back pain will distract you and stop you from being able to work to the best of your ability. A good office chair will support you and reduce these issues which gives your concentration and productivity a boost. According to research from the British Heart Foundation, the average working adult in England is sedentary for 9.5 hours a day – so, as well as making an effort to stand up and move around more, what you sit on is very important.

I bought the ergo elite ergonomic chair and can honestly say it's the best purchase I've made so far this year. Love the fact you can customise to your own requirements, and I no longer have to deal with back pain 24/7! Definitely recommend, especially if you're sat down for most of the day!

Important Considerations When Choosing an Office Chair for Home

Can’t I just use my kitchen chair?

You may be thinking a chair is just a chair, right? Well, wrong. “In short no you can’t just use a kitchen chair,” is the advice from the Centre for Ergonomics and Human Factors at La Trobe University.

“The main issue is that they’re too low to reach the table effectively. So, you’ve got to think about getting your chair higher, or table lower or go with a different solution altogether.” So this rules out working with your laptop from a sofa or bed! “You can make your back and neck very sore by sitting on the couch all day! Try sitting somewhere where your spine can be in relative alignment and not twisted or bent’’.


Unlike other chairs, our ergonomic office chairs can be adjusted to be an ideal height for your desk. Our chairs are all fully adjustable as standard with ratchet back height adjustment, seat height adjustment, back angle adjustment. You can also customise your chair with many options to suit your environment and comfort.

Back Support

A desk chair will support your lower back better than an armchair or sofa. This is important for preventing lower back pain while you work and keep the spine aligned in its natural curvature rather than adding stress to the structure of the spine. A supportive backrest, adjustable to your own specific requirements with lumbar support, will help to keep you comfortable, healthy, avoid developing or compounding back problems and promote good posture.

What Should I Be Looking for In An Office Chair?

There are many types of ergonomic chairs available for use in an office or home, some with many features you will never use. “You need to look for something that, fundamentally, is adjustable,” is the expert advice. ‘’It also needs to be comfortable for you.”

If buying online, try and find one that has support where you need it most — for example, extra padding at your lower back if that’s where the trouble is. Try our Chair Builder, it will generate a prescription chair just for you, that will make a big difference.

Do I need to buy a fancy chair?

It’s all about the quality when it comes to spending money on office chairs.

“Cheaper chairs often won’t last as long, and the more you spend, you get better quality adjustments, and it gives you more options to make it comfortable,” is again the advice.

Who’s going to be using the chair?

In home situations there are often multiple users, partners and children all needing to work at the same workstation. You need a chair that is multi-adjustable for body sizes and shapes. Our family of chairs are all multi-adjustable and with optional extras can be customised to  personal requirements.

Chair Builder and Customisation

Our clever Chair Builder allows you to build the perfect corrective chair for you. With a few key measurements and by inputting personal information it will generate a prescription chair just for you. You don’t have spend valuable time doing all the research, hunting through websites for the perfect chair and potentially making an expensive and possibly damaging mistake. We take that stress and strain away, and then you can add on any extras you may want…and choose the all-important colour!

Our Ranges

All our ranges are ergonomically designed, physiotherapist approved and fully guaranteed for 5 years. All have heavy duty mechanisms and with 24/7 ranges such as Ergo Elite, Ergo Excellence and Positive Plus are ideally suitable for heavy use environments.

Being ergonomically designed and physiotherapist approved gives you the comfort of knowing that all our chairs improve posture and help to correct and alleviate back pain, neck pain and postural and musculoskeletal disorders.

Ergo Custom is our best-selling home office chair. It is a great value for money solution for those on a budget, but it still benefits from all our research and expertise, making it a really popular ergonomic chair for the home office. Ergo Adapt Mesh is an elegant postural mesh -backed chair with easy to use fingertip controls making it the simplest chair to adapt to your daily working needs. Ergo Positive Plus is particularly popular for multi-users, where large adjustment is required to suit lots of body sizes throughout the whole family. As standard it is multi adjustable with a huge seat-slide of 125mm (the largest in the marketplace), in-built body tension control and lumbar support. This family of chairs is perfect for smaller to larger users. This one-stop chair is a solution for the whole family!

A Final Message

Further advice is very simple: “Move, move, move.”

“Moving is pivotal. Even with a really good chair, it won’t stop issues from sitting for too long, especially working from home because you don’t get that incidental exercise you get from being in an office and going to talk to colleagues or get a cup coffee or even going to and from work. So you need to move.”

We also suggest taking breaks to go for walks and stretch regularly. Even a good chair won’t stop all issues. Bodies like movement, so you need to alternate your position to sit and stand often.