Ergonomic Upholstered Medium Back Office Chair

£346.80 Inc. VAT - £289.00 Ex. VAT

The Ergo Excellence features an upholstered medium back and is a long term postural solution for all users in any environment – whether it’s the home or office.

Heavy duty 4 lever mechanism

Independent backrest angle adjustment

Integral seat slide with 50mm travel

Inflatable lumbar support

Suitable for 24 hours usage

First, choose your fabric:

Bluebell (Phoenix)
Costa (Phoenix)
Scuba (Phoenix)
Curacao (Phoenix)
Ocean (Phoenix)
Campeche (Phoenix)
Montserrat (Phoenix)
Taboo (Phoenix)
Apple (Phoenix)
Tarot (Phoenix)
Blizzard (Phoenix)
Paseo (Phoenix)
Sombrero (Phoenix)
Sandstorm (Phoenix)
Solano (Phoenix)
Lobster (Phoenix)
Olympic (Phoenix)
Calypso (Phoenix)
Belize (Phoenix)
Guyana (Phoenix)
Havana (Phoenix)
Transition (Era)
Futurist (Era)
Allowance (Era)
Youth (Era)
Aeon (Era)
Maturity (Era)
Stage (Era)
Chapter (Era)
Late (Era)
Range (Era)
Everlasting (Era)
Perennial (Era)
Analogue (Era)
Period (Era)
Event (Era)
Endurance (Era)
Timelapse (Era)
Signature (Era)
Notation (Era)
Rest (Era)
Prime (Era)
Quota (Era)
Occurrence (Era)
Present (Era)
Generation (Era)
History (Era)
Memo (Era)
Elapse (Era)
Forecast (Era)
Splitsecond (Era)
Calendar (Era)
Sequence (Era)
Prompt (Era)
Measure (Era)
Lifetime (Era)
Occasion (Era)
Span (Era)
Experience (Era)
Cycle (Era)
Extent (Era)
Turn (Era)
Phase (Era)
Date (Era)
Forward (Era)

Specialist fabrics available. Contact us for more information. Please note that the swatch images may not accurately represent the actual colours.


Castors provide mobility for a variety of environments. Choose yours based on your environment.

A memory foam seat is designed to provide comfort for prolonged periods of time. It helps maintain good posture that is vital for healthy living.

An air flow pressure sensitive seat feature helps reduce reduce sciatic pain.

Coccyx cutout is designed to relieve pressure at the base of the spine, and helps relieve pelvic pain.

Make your chair individual! Co-ordinate your chair with your surroundings with our wide selection of fabrics. View information for colour swatches.

A wide range of armrest options to support and relieve pressure.

Higher or lower gas stems increases or decrease the seat height for taller or smaller users.

Base choice enhances the appearance of the chair, allowing you to coordinate it with your surroundings.


Our Ergo Excellence range is designed to significantly enhance body posture and to support the four spine curves for long working days ahead. The Ergonomic Upholstered Medium Back Office Chair, which is also referred to as the Activ Quattro AQ200, features easily accessible controls, and includes a built in seat slide, back height adjustment, forward seat silt and even a flexible front seat too for enhanced support. If you require long term, ergonomic support for the working day, whether you’re at home or in the office, this Excellence office chair is the right one for you.

There are a multitude of optional extras to choose from to tailor the chair to meet your specific requirements, including:

Options Include:

  • Many adjustable arm options
  • Memory foam seat
  • Air flow seat cell
  • Coccyx cut out
  • Headrest
  • Polished base
  • Castor options

Ergo Excellence Upholstered Medium Back Product Dimensions

Seat Height: 490-575mm
Seat Width: 500mm
Seat Depth: 460-510mm
Back Height: 530-600mm
Back Width: 450mm


Physio approved - Ergonomic sitting - 95% recyclable